Bursa Teleferik operates with 140 standard cabs with an 8-person capacity. 1 cab arrives in every 20 seconds and the cabs enter the stations on a lift line operating constantly in a Detachable Gondola system and they slow down as they approach the evacuation area and thus the passengers can get off and get on easily.


The passengers in the cabs can communicate with the center by means of the Emergency Support Line on number 444 6 345. Moreover, studies are underway to set up a “cab internal voiced and video communication” system which is not present in any other lift in the world.



Bursa Teleferik system is designed to operate in any weather condition including rain, snow and blizzard and can serve interruptedly in only windy weather. The system is resistant to 70 km/s wind and warns in 3 phases in the automatic monitoring process.


Renewed Bursa Teleferik offers “ecologically sensitive transportation” with the technology set up within the nature delicately. Care is taken to protect the environment and consume the natural resources moderately in every stage of the construction and operation. It consists of all advantages of ecological transportation vehicles.

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